Welcome to Popcorn

Popcorn is a place where people share, discover and talk about movies.  Popcorn is designed for short conversations that are different from what you may find elsewhere.  Popcorn is used by professional movie reviewers, enthusiasts and just about anyone who wants to share their thoughts about movies.     

Why we made Popcorn

People love movies.  And we talk about movies all the time.  The Internet has given us many good sources to get information on movies, yet most of us get lost in the sea of noise and it can be difficult to determine what is useful or relevant.  With today’s advancements in mobile and technology, we feel it’s time everyone, everywhere can quickly and easily find relatable movie chatter and share their views to a global audience.  

Popcorn is an amazing movie app for getting social reviews and sharing quick thoughts.  That’s about it, really.  Getting the gist of a movie from people you relate to is central to Popcorn’s design.  Importantly, people use Popcorn as part their overall movie experience, which includes helping them decide which movies they might want to see.

When we created Popcorn, we started with one question—What movies are my friends talking about?  Popcorn was inspired by the simple idea of movie reviews by friends because we tend to relate more to ‘reviews’ from people we know.  As we continue this journey, we have only scratched the surface on how people may want to use Popcorn.  There’s more to do for sure.  We ask ourselves how—by creating the best place to talk about movies—Popcorn could contribute to people’s overall movie experience for the better?  Specifically, we tackle questions like how technology and great design affect how people might discover new movies, or how it might help them decide on what to see, or even change the way they see them?  We are excited about the possibilities.

We don’t know where this will take us exactly, but we do know that focusing on the conversation is a great starting point.  Why?  Our view is that conversations can lead to new ideas and new experiences.  We also recognize the power and influence of movies.  They make us laugh and cry—simply, they move us.  Movies are a gift created by talented imaginative artists, technicians and storytellers to broaden our imagination and view of the world around us.  We think all movies deserve to be part of the conversation.  

Getting started

When you first download the Popcorn app from the App Store, you are probably looking to get familiar with how it works.  We recommend taking these steps:

  • After sign-up, start on the timeline, where you will see starter posts of some recent conversations happening on Popcorn.  Go ahead, browse them.  These are randomly selected posts to give new users a sense on movies people may be talking about and how they are using Popcorn.  5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 1
  • Next, find people to follow or invite others to join and connect with you on Popcorn.  We suggest starting with friends and family.  When you follow someone, their posts will appear on your timeline.  Similarly, when someone follows you, your posts will show up in their timeline.  5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 2
  • When you are ready to share your views, you can create posts, comment on posts and take advantage of other helpful features designed to help you browse and keep track of your movies on Popcorn.  5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 3  

As you explore Popcorn, there are some things to know about how Popcorn is different:

Popcorn is designed with intention

When you browse posts from other users, you get a sense, very quickly, what movies people are talking about.  In every post, you see a short message that is accompanied by a photo of the movie.  Posts may have comments from other Popcorn users.  

When you create a post, you will be able to select from a variety of beautiful photos to go with your post—from familiar movie posters to specific scenes.  We did this to give people a way to share their unique perspectives and discover photos they may not have seen before.  We think it’s also more fun when people are able to post different photos for the same movie.

IMG_1577 IMG_1505 IMG_1503

Another thing we wanted Popcorn to do is to provide a quick and easy way to see all the movies you have watched and recommended.  Similarly, you can use Popcorn to save or bookmark movies you might want to see.  Over time, you might appreciate having a way to conveniently access to all your movie interests in one place.

5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 4  

Popcorn is social

Popcorn is a social movie app where people share their love for movies with others.  In return, they get the collective wisdom from the Popcorn community.  People use Popcorn to share random thoughts about a scene or line.  In fact, we encourage in-the-moment sharing when you have something to say about a particular movie.  In the non-digital world, people talk about movies all the time.  These conversations influence our perceptions and decisions about movies.  With Popcorn, we are illuminating those experiences with the advantage of the network-effect.5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 5

At the heart of Popcorn is the idea of a familiar but better way to get information on movies.  For starters, the experience is casual and genuine.  We want to keep chatter on Popcorn real that way.  Even professional reviewers or enthusiasts need other ways to better connect with their followers.  Popcorn gives them a way to do that.  Furthermore, we think their perspectives on Popcorn are a great way to promote and complement their more in-depth reviews.  Similarly, we think folks in the industry such as actors, directors and people who make and promote movies can benefit from being more connected with their fans through Popcorn.  

Popcorn focuses on brevity  

When we started thinking about all the movies people could talk about, coupled with the infinite possible topics and perspectives, the conversations can quickly add up.  Practically speaking, that can be a lot to consume.  Therefore to be useful, we think sharing on Popcorn should be concise.  We designed the entire Popcorn experience to reflect this philosophy.  For example, the timeline is a familiar way to quickly browse all the posts from people we follow.  Every post gives us the option to recommend-or-not recommend (Up-or-down vote) a movie as a quick way to summarize the overall impression of the movie.  In the same vein, we introduced icons to save a movie or indicate if we watched a movie.  We also provided a quick way to share our posts on Facebook by simply selecting the ‘Share on Facebook’ icon when composing a post.  We did this so that people can browse, contribute and share more quickly on Popcorn.


Get Popcorn, you are invited!

Popcorn is for everyone.  You are invited to download the free app and check it out.  Get app here.

You can read about Popcorn’s features and follow @popcornmovieapp on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates.  

We love to hear from you and get feedback on how Popcorn can continue to be an even better place to share and discover movies.   

Last but not least, invite your friends to join you on Popcorn.  After all, talking about movies is more fun when others are in the conversation.


Eric and Larry